Top 5 most common male sexual fantasies

Being a high class escort and companion involves a little bit of psychology, understanding and ability to relate to each person and personality. Because if you can understand the person that is in front of you, then you can also figure out what type of client he is and what kind of naughty fantasies he may have.

By understanding and warming up to him you make him open in front of you and confess all of his erotic likes and dislikes. Most men have some recurring sexual fantasies that they dream that one day they will have the opportunity to turn into reality. And most of the times they believe that those fantasies may be to outrageous to be talked about with their sex partners.So here is where you, dear ladies can step in and resolve the problem!

Being always up to date with the novelties in the world of fetishism, sexuality and erotica is a must as an escort. You always have to know the latest kinks on the market and figure out new positions and techniques to use in order to wow your date in bed, especially when we are talking about a regular that has come to learn all of your special moves and tricks.

Here is a list of several most encountered fantasies that are haunting the male imagination:

1. Domination and Submission

We all love to feel dominated from time to time, especially when, in our daily life, we are the ones that take control and lead. By feeling the need to be dominated in bed, the man tries to get rid of his day to day persona and just relax and let someone else take control for once.

Try furry handcuffs, a blindfold, light bondage and some dirty talk and you will see how aroused and excited he will get.

On the other hand, submission is also an orgasmic feeling that most men love to feel. The image of you – a confident, powerful and extremely sexual escort being sexually dominated by him is extremely arousing and fulfilling.

It is the kind of sexual feeling that he can only have with you, so make sure you understand and fulfill his needs without automatically classify him as deviant.

2. Threesomes and Orgies

The fantasy of being in bed with more than just one woman is very exciting and classic in a man’s imagination.

Most men fantasize about having a threesome or even an orgy just for the fun of it. That doesn’t mean that he is a sexual addict or that he can’t be monogamous. It is a primal need to have sex with multiple partners, simultaneously and enjoy a unique experience in his life.

So why can’t you be the one to turn that fantasy of his into reality? Call that gorgeous girl you like to party with and set up the premises of a memorable date for your regular.

3. Experienced vs. Virginal Women

The fantasy of having sex with an experienced escort, potentially a MILF who knows her body, what she wants and how to use you as her means to an end – in this case to experience a great orgasm, is also very common among men.

An experienced woman also knows exactly how to handle a guy, how to touch him and how to move her body in order to make him feel like he’s in heaven. She knows the most amazing blowjob techniques and gives her best to please her man.

So why not turn into a hot, sexy cougar for the night? He will surely be very grateful!

On the other hand, men always enjoy performing the role of the skilled lover, the sex teacher that every sweet, delicate and virginal woman just has to have in her life. So, dress up for the part and boost his ego by letting him show you all the mysteries of sex.

4. Voyeurism

Men like to watch and that’s not a novelty to any of you girls. So why don’t you accomplish this fantasy of his by inviting him to your place and make him wait for you while you take a long, sensual bubble bath?

Let the bathroom door slightly opened and slowly take of your clothes and start caressing your lovely body. The rest comes natural and we are sure that you are a master of erotic delights and pleasures.

What you need to find out from him is that if his fantasy includes only watching or also stepping in and joining the fun. This way you can fit the scenario according to his needs.

5. Sex in Public/Nature

The idea of doing something wrong, of being caught or of being seen by others is very arousing and exciting, so next time you get to see your regular find a nice secluded place and make his fantasy a reality!

The main idea of all these fantasies is to offer your date a special and unique experience and to make him want to come back for more.

A regular is a very important client and in order for him to keep visiting you, you must make sure that every date is memorable and that his every desire is fulfilled!

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