Fly Me To You *

FMTY is when you invite a model/companion to your city/country or take her on a trip with you*    

Traveling alone can be a bit boring, but with us, it will be breath of fresh air! Our Models are exactly what you need! When you fly any of them to you, you are assured that you will be seeing a classy companion, who will in no way, draw unwanted attention to you. They are passport ready..

International travel rates are customized. When emailing to book a travel date, please include as much information about the date as you can! Include date,location and activity itinerary, etc because this will help us tremendously in creating a customized rate. To confirm our getaway, we require 100% of the travel itinerary & deposit cost to be covered so that we can make the proper travel arrangements. First class/Business class travel costs must be covered by the client.

Heading to London, Paris,Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore USA,Europe and Dubai. First class airfare is always appreciated, but only required for flights of over four hours.



All travel requires a 50% deposit and are NON-REFUNDABLE. Should you need to cancel our trip we will hold onto your deposit for 90 days in order to allow a re-booking. Deposits can be made via bank transfer to our account.



Airfare & transportation are additional to our rates. All travel expenses are expected to be paid up front by you.  

First/Business class are appreciated.

Extend her stay: 2000/per day. We appreciate a healthy sleep schedule. Upscale/Luxury hotel arrangements. we require 1 weeks notice for all international travel (more is always preferred)

We are going to need your full screening info, including a photo of your ID and work verification*

  To begin, please fill out our Booking form Discretion is prominent in this type of relationships and respected at 200%*   EUR, GBP, USD are accepted. 50% non-refundable deposit might be required. These rates are non-negotiable. Couples add 500   Treat her like a lady as both of you correspond. You are both on this journey to have a great time of your lives, thus I have absolutely zero tolerance to any sign of familiarity and disrespect during the booking procedure or meeting itself.   Her gift should be presented upon arrival, in full fare. we like when you are taking care of it in advance and use discreet envelopes. Thank you.

Obviously, the question of hygiene is taking its place as well as the question of safety. we're sure it is needless to mention, but please shower prior to her arrival. Fresh breath and clean nails are important.

We do not provide health-risky options under any circumstances.   And like any woman, we love to go shopping and receiving gifts.

Check my Wish-list.



You've decided to have time with Her - yahh, you’re in for such a wonderful treat! A couple things to be aware of, to make sure everything is just lovely:


1. Please be freshly bathed and have fresh breath. Thank you!  

2. Please do not have drugs present at any time during our shared time and please do not be or become heavily intoxicated. we are not comfortable around hard drugs or severe intoxication and disrespecting that will result in full forfeiture of the donation and an immediate termination of our visit.  

3. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance incur a 50% cancellation fee. If you fail to cancel, the complete donation amount is required before we will accept another booking with you. Thank you for understanding!  

4. Please have the donation in an unsealed envelope labeled ‘Gift,’ waiting in plain sight on a table near the door when she enter. For public dates, please tuck the envelope with the donation into a book and hand it to Her upon meeting. she will excuse herself briefly to verify the donation, and Your time together will begin when she return.  

5. Please do not discuss money or explicit acts or services at any point during our appointment or arranging our appointment. Donations are for Her time and companionship only.   

We look forward to meeting you!



12HRS..............4,000 USD  

24HRS.............6,000 USD  

2 DAYS.............8,000 USD

3 DAYS..............10,000 USD